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Mobile Climate
Science Labs

Presentations in
K-12 Schools and
Teacher Professional Development

Hands-on Science

--on climate change and global warming solutions.
Fun, involving,
sound science.
Kids have a blast,
are eager to learn;
while teachers and schools
do beautifully on the
state standards
with our help.

Rigorously vetted for science and education content.

Others may not place much value in you;
but we feel your school, your kids deserve
the best in education.

We do the hands-on
science for the
California Academy of
Sciences in their
K12 teacher trainings on
climate change
and energy.

K-12 Schools: Lesson Plans, Curriculum, Resources, Student Projects
   Educator Professional Development, Webinars   

By Subject -- Content Standards

Examples: •Biology  •Chemistry  
Earth SciencesLanguage Arts  •Math

Curriculum:  • High School   
 • Middle School  • Elementary School

California's Mobile Climate Science Labs
Presentations for High Schools, Middle and Elementary Schools
Teacher Professsional Development   
Featured during field trips to Northern California science centers and museums

Teaching Climate Change in Your Classroom
Professional Development Workshops: Oct 29 and Nov 12
9:30-3:30 at SFUSD Offices. For Classroom Teachers Grades 6-8
$100 Stipend Available    Headlands Institute   

California Clean Energy Academies    
Guidelines DRAFT -- handout from July 29, 2011 staff workshop

Notice of July 29 [past] Workshop

California Science Teachers Association
Conference: Oct 21-23, 2011: Pasadena
2010 Highlights -- Climate, Energy, Hands-on: Exhibits
Sessions:  Friday    Saturday

Exclusive on this Website: 2008 Listing of Sessions,
Exhibits and Events Focusing on Climate Change


SmartelligentZ -- San Jose After School Program
Hands-on learning includes electricity, solar energy, eco-houses.
Programs:    Introduction to GREEN    Non-Renewable Energy
    Renewable Energy    Sustainable Living

San Jose Elementary Schools-- Registration:  Tom Matsumoto    Evergreen
About    Blogs/Intern testimonials   Staff    Contact
Jobs and Internships for high school and university students

Cool the Earth
Engaging kids and their families in climate change by motivating
them to take simple, measurable actions to conserve energy.
Collectively, these actions, and an increased awareness of energy,
will make a significant impact on global warming.
For K-8 students and their parents, families.

Youth Solar and Environmental Training Program
On Site Training includes: Renewable Energy, Solar, Wind, Geothermal,
Mobile Climate Labs, Climate Change Science, Energy Conservation
Field Trips to: Tech Museum, LHS, Chabot Space, Exploratorium, NSTA.
Solar, Wind and Power Transmission facilities and construction projects.

Photos    Course Outline
People Who Care -- Pittsburgh, California

Lifelines for High School Climate Change Education
Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California / NASA

Professional learning communities, support
for 320 teachers across the U.S.
in teaching climate change education for 2 years.
Now taking applications.

NASA website description
On-line application form   Flyer [1 page pdf]

In partnership with ClimateChangeEducation.Org

Solar Schoolhouse

Slideshow Introduction

Solar Schoolhouse Summer Institute for Educators

California Center for Sustainable Energy (San Diego)
Education & Public Outreach   Energy Resource Center
Energy Efficiency   Climate Change
  Dr. Andrea Cook, Staff Scientist
New!: Green Learning Adventure   Photos
Calendar: Workshops and Events Resource Links
Exhibitor at California CC Conference   AAAS Climate Literacy Conference

Family Science Days -- Hands-on. With ClimateChangeEducation.Org

CREEC: California Regional Enviro. Education Community

Proven, Invaluable Resources Since 1997
Resource Directory -- Emphasis on K 12 Schools
Searches: Climate Change; Global Warming
Bay Area Region
   Network Leadership   CA State Standards Funding Opportunities   California Department of Education

NSTA: National Science Teachers Association
Held March, 2011:National Conference: San Francisco
Over 60! -- the # of: Workshops, Presentations, & Symposia
on Climate Change
: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Sessions with hands-on climate science
Registration   Exhibitors   Session Scheduler
Future National and Area Conferences
Meetings of Lifelines for High School Climate Change Education teachers
Mobile Climate Science Labs --presenter in several sessions

For public & private K-12 teachers,
students, parents, administrators
and community members.
8am - 5pm
Mexican Heritage Plaza in San José

Teachers: CEU credits available
Last Held:

     2010 Conference Report

San Jose Go Green Schools
Teaching Green    Greening Your School
Conference    Case Studies

7th Annual Summer Math, Science & CTE
Conference for K-14 Teachers & Future Teachers

June 2012
6th Annual Summer Math, Science & CTE
Conference for K-14 Teachers & Future Teachers

Held June 1 & 2, 2011 Main Campus, City College of SF
With Mobile Climate Science Labs Professional Development
Presented by CCSF, SFSU, SFUSD

Peak -- Energy Coalition K12 Program
• Bay Area  • San Diego  • Southern California
PEAK is a comprehensive standards-based physical science education
program designed to empower elementary and middle school students with
the knowledge to manage energy use in their homes, schools, and
communities. Through PEAK students gain the skills to reduce home
energy use by up to 10%. In addition, schools involved with PEAK exhibit
reductions in theit energy use. 

Global Warming Discovery --  Science Demonstrations   
Volunteers bring demonstrations featured at science museums to Bay Area schools.
Do the Greenhouse Gas Giggle

   The Tech Museum of Innovation -- San Jose /Silicon Valley
Free Field Trips -- with hands-on demonstrations by request,   
Presented by Tech/ Volunteers

View from Space

Green By Design Exhibit

Imax Movie:
Under the Sea
Explores C.C. Impacts

Continuing Education: 2011 Sierra Nevada
Climate Change & Field Investigations Institute

Last Held July , 2011   Registration Application
Sierra Nevada Teacher Institute Encore for 2010 Participants
2009 Flyer (1 page pdf)   2009 web page
Held each summer    Standards Aligned for grades 6-12
2008 Cal Alive! Newsletter description [8 pg pdf]
CIB, Calif State Parks & Sierra Nevada Teach Institute

California Academy of Sciences Bioforum
at the PG&E Pacific Energy Center

Adapting to Climate C.: Challenges & Prospects
Last Held April 17, 2010
851 Howard St. San Francisco        Registration $25

Aquarium of the Bay: with PG&E Lab -- opened 2009
• Exhibit: Animal Ambassadors: land creatures already affected by CC
Field Trips by San Francisco school groups
Carbon Footprint Calculator   •  Certified San Francisco Green Business
Classroom Programs   FAQ   Conservation    Tickets    About   Volunteer

University of California / Cal Academy of Sciences

Global climate change and its influence on evolution
With ClimateChangeEducation.Org providing the
Hands-on Science Component plus Teacher Resources

    Held Saturday, February 9, 2008
K-12 Teacher Trainings -- 400+ educators

Co-sponsored by California Academy of Sciences
& Oakland Museum of California
Valley Life Sciences Building, UC Berkeley

Casa De Mir Montessori: School-Wide Symposium
and Science Fair on Climate Change, 2007

Students:Karen Motreja & Ian James
Montessori School in Campbell, CA

Cover Story: Campbell Reporter

Energy Consumption Survey    Symposium Agenda    KPFA Interview

The Science of Global Warming
California Academic Content Standards Aligned
Grades 9-14: Physics, Chemistry, Physical Sciences, Earth Sciences

Content -- with movie clip overview
Flyer (pdf -- see page 7)    Pricing and Ordering
   Seeds Software -- San Diego, California  

Student Surveys School's Carbon Footprint
Science Fair Project by: Matan
School: Montera Middle School, Oakland CA, USA.

Curriculum for 4th and 5th Grades
Protect Your Climate -- 16 Lessons
Four Sections: Basics, Energy, Waste & Transportation
Developed by Bay Area Air Quality Managment District
Available for download on-line in full   (161 pg pdf)

California Science Education Standards -- Aligned

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)

San Diego EcoCenter for Alternative Fuels
Science Center Dedicated to Education on Alternative Fuels

State of California's

Energy Quest

A World We Can Change Clean Air Conference & Expo
For high schools in Los Angeles, Orange, and urban portions
of Riverside & San Bernadino counties -- 8,000 students attending

The event is free and open to all high schools in AQMD’s jurisdiction.
AQMD provides lunch and reimburse schools for the cost of
transportation to the conference and for substitute teachers.

Exhibits, green jobs, big name speakers, films, sessions, music
Held May 27, 2010    LA Convention Center
South Coast Air Quality Management District
Climate Change       Español    Chinese    Korean
Clean Air Choices     For Kids     Students-- Health    News

San Francisco Unified School District
Sustainable SFUSD Website --
Newsletter Archive   

at the Festival

San Francisco

Schools at the Festival -- Annually, since 1991
For more information on how you and your students can participate contact the Youth Education Program Manager:
Keith Zwolfer at 415-561-5040 (United States)
or write
[Delete "REMOVE" before sending]

Training for Summer Camp Educators
Professional Development and Resource Fair

hands-on science demos on Climate Change,
Ocean Acidification & Solutions. Making your own.

Last held April 21 2010     10AM – 3PM
First Unitarian Church 1187 Franklin St. San Francisco
Sponsored by New Day for Learning, DCYF, and SFUSD

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