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Earth Day Events

Promotion of KQED programs and UCS videos at
events and conferences by
Encouraging partnerships
between scientists,
educators and media.
For example, in pix above --
the annual California
Climate Change Conference

-- in Sacramento

Friends of Live Earth
Event at The Exploratorium,
07/07/07 with
Supporting largest musical
broadcast in world history

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Film Series
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Global Toast-Busters
Logo by volunteer
Matt Delbridge
Graphic Artist Major

Hippoworks: Simon Says "Let's Stop Climate Change"   
DVD Just Released!--Fantastic for Kids, Families & Elementary Schools
Produced in California -- artists, educators and science advisors

New Documentary on Renewable, Clean Energy Technologies
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Sponsored by: Professional Engineers in California Government

California Climate: Inland Warmer; Coast Cooler & Wetter
San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate -- July 5, 2011
Article by Peter Fimrite    

Since 1983, providing educational media and documentary programming on critical
global and social issues, science and health to: colleges, schools, libraries, businesses,
religious groups, government agencies and non-governmental organizations worldwide
Climate Change and Coral Reefs   The Venus Theory
Climate Refugees    Threatened Land, Threatened People
New Releases    Simon Says "Let's Stop Climate Change"
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Based in San Francisco, California

City of Monterey Park -- Environmental Short Film Contest
For Student Teams:    Rules [4 pfg pdf]    Registration Form [1 pg pdf]
   Aug. 2010 Greensheet
   Press Conference Announcing Contest:    Photos    Video

KQED: Climate Watch
Blog & Radio News segments. Mostly on politics and policy, with a specific focus on California. Adult audience.
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   Climate Education Videos Produced in California
More Videos   

Climate Scientist Intro
to Hippoworks Cartoon

Magic Planet

Change for the Oceans
Monterey Bay Aquarium

NOVA: The Big Energy Gamble
Can California's Ambitious Plan to
Cut Greenhouse Gases Actually Succeed?

TV Schedule    Watch Online  (50 minutes)
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Union of Concerned Scientists-- Climate Choices
On-Line Videos: California and Climate Change
Streaming Video: Up in Flames

"By century's end, we may see as many as 55 percent more large wildfires if we fail to make significant cuts in global warming emissions."
Streaming Video: Growing Concern

"Global warming threatens California's multibillion-dollar agriculture and forestry industries—and the livelihoods of the more than one million people who work in them."

University of California Television San Diego
Many Programs on Climate Change:
Including: Global Warming    Governor' s Climate Summit
Greenovation Summit    Science Saturdays (LLNL)
Toward an Affordable Commercial Fuel Cell (LBNL) Explorations    Perspectives on Ocean Science (Scripps)
Available also on the internet

   Videos by California Students   

St. Ignatius College Preparatory
school (San Francisco) senior
Mike Rapadas helped SI grad
Jordan Murphy film this video.
Enlightening, funny, inspiring.

California Climate Champion:
Arielle Gillman
Oak Park News


Downtown Film Festival L.A.
Sustainable L.A. -- August

San Francisco International Film Festival
2010 Films:
Cargo (Science Fiction Film)
In 2009, co-hosted two films
on climate change with SFIFF
: A Sea Change and
The Age of Stupid (North American Premier)

UCS Public Broadcasting for Northern California

Quest: Wineries and Global Warming
The Napa and Sonoma microclimates
produce world famous wines.
But, what happens if the climate changes?
Also: The Great Switch-Out -- Comparing traditional incandescent light bulbs and compact fluorescents.
KQED Schedule-- other Air Times
Quest Home     For Educators

PBS -- Public Television    
NOVA / Frontline

Home International
Ongoing monthly film and expert lecture series on the environment
Annual student Earth Week Video Festival.

Copenhagen Cafe
Held December, 2009   Downtown San Francisco
Crocker Galleria Ground Level Sutter St Side
International connection to Copehnagen, local
hub: center to gather, learn, deliberate, and to act.

California Newspapers:
SF Chronicle, Oakland Tribune, LA Times, Sacramento Bee

The California Academy of Science's
Penguin Cams

Live Web Cam at the Tech Museum of Innovation— San Jose NOAA's View From Space—Focusing on Global Warming