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Honoring Art Rosenfeld Rosenfeld Symposium
Proclaimed by some
as a meeting of
California's "Energy
Efficiency Elite".
was sole representative
for state's educators
(beyond universities)
We're working to inspire
millions of kids and
public to follow
Art Rosenfeld's
incredible leadership
It will take more than
the elite in what needs
to happen.
Besides, Art's career is
hardly one of an elitist.

California Clean Energy Academies    
Guidelines DRAFT -- handout from July 29, 2011 staff workshop

Notice of July 29 [past] Workshop

Cal/EPA Live Webcasts    
For Example: California`s Energy Future -View to 2050
Panelists from: LBNL, EPRI, CIT, Sandia NL, Stanford, UC Davis & Berkeley
Videos of Past Lectures

California: New Renewable Energy Standard
Passed by Legislature March 29, 2011   
Articles:  KPBS    Union of Concerned Scientists    SF Gate
Requires utilities to get 33 percent of electricity from renewables by 2020

California State Parks    
Statement from Director Ruth Coleman (2007):
importance of climate change education (pdf, 2 pages)
"Cool Parks" initiativeMontana de Oro State Park Solar Installation Boosts
Green Jobs While Reducing Carbon Footprint

Climate Change And The Role Of Public Lands (pdf, page 4 of 15)
Climate Change Issues at China Camp State Park

Flex Your Power
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Energy Efficiency Helps Combat Climate Change
ClimateChangeEducation.Org Honored for Leadership in Education

Our Changing Climate
Union of Concerned Scientists

Nuestro Clima Cambiante (16 pg. pdf)

Public Interest Research Climate Change Program Report
[12 page pdf]

Honoring Art Rosenfeld --Father of Energy Efficiency -- UC Davis March 9, 2010

Updated Economic Analysis of
California’s Climate Change Scoping Plan

Staff Report to the Air Resources Board [118 page pdf]
Published March 24, 2010

Air Resources Board Scoping Plan: Approved, Released
Full document (142 pg pdf) [12/11/08]
Personal Action, Education and Public Outreach: pg 119-124
Press Release   Comment Log   Time Line   Fact Sheets

MTC: Metropolitan Transportation Commission
of the San Francisco Bay Area
Clearing the Air: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally
Planning for climate change; links to climate change and local
transportation issues/programs/proposals.
Transportation, Land Use and Greenhouse Gases:
a Bay Area Resource Guide
- (Draft, Feb. 11 2009) (102 page pdf)
Putting climate change front and center in the
Draft Transportation 2035 Plan

BCDC: San Francisco Bay
Conservation and Development Commission

Rising Tides: An International Competition for Ideas Responding
to Sea Level Rise in San Francisco Bay and Beyond

Climate Change Planning Program:
High resolution maps showing effects of sea-level rise on the Bay;
links to many other studies and efforts around this issue;
includes an excellent 22-minute KQED video featuring an
"in-depth look at the science behind climate change as we explore the
environmental changes taking place throughout the state."
Draft Staff Report and Preliminary Recommendation for Proposed
Bay Plan Amendment 1-08 Concerning Climate Change

California and UK Champions
Meet the Champions
Become a Climate Champion
Air Resources Board & British Council

Energy Quest
Energy Vampires      Energy Time Machine
Education Website by the
California Energy Commission

World Environment Day: June 1, 2005

The Governor announced greenhouse gas
emission reduction targets for California.

United Nations World Environment Day 2005 Civic Center San Francisco.
Executive Order S-3-05 establishes targets and charges the California Environmental Protection Agency secretary with the coordination of the oversight of efforts to achieve them.
Full Text of Executive Order

Simultaneously, for the thousands
of school kids outside,
science center volunteers and docents
lead hands-on science demonstrations
on global warming.
Booth representing the finest of California's education programs on climate change
Governor's California Tomorrow Pavillion

Curriculum for 4th and 5th Grades
Protect Your Climate -- 16 Lessons
Four Sections: Basics, Energy, Waste & Transportation
Developed by Bay Area Air Quality Managment District
Available for download on-line in full   (161 pg pdf)

Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Youth Discussion at Climate Protection Summit
Climate Protection Program
$3 Million Grant Recipients
4th and 5th Grade Teaching Opportunity for 2008-09
ClimateChangeEducation.Org Volunteer
Receives 2004 Clean Air Champion Award

A World We Can Change Clean Air Conference & Expo
For high schools in Los Angeles, Orange, and urban portions
of Riverside & San Bernadino counties -- 8,000 students attending

The event is free and open to all high schools in AQMD’s jurisdiction.
AQMD provides lunch and reimburse schools for the cost of
transportation to the conference and for substitute teachers.

Exhibits, green jobs, big name speakers, films, sessions, music
Held May 27, 2010    LA Convention Center
South Coast Air Quality Management District
Climate Change       Español    Chinese    Korean
Clean Air Choices     For Kids     Students-- Health    News

CAPCOA Climate Change Forum
(CAPCOA: California air quality management districts' professionals)
Held August 30-31, 2010 at Marriott Marquis Hotel in San Francisco.
Agenda   Registration    Resources

Cool California Calculator

What Americans Really Think About Climate Change
Jon A. Krosnick, Ph.D. Stanford University
Past Presentation: May 26, 2009
Oriented to view of public as voters and consumers. Political polls.
In contrast to being engaged in science, further involved in society
Cal/EPA Building, Sacramento, California

Seminar Video Archive      

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