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Especially highlighted: those that value an informed public
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City and County of San Francisco
SF Dept. of the Environment:       
Climate Change    Carbon Fund    Renewable Energy    Energy Efficiency
Wind Power Task Force   Ocean Power   Co-gen   Peak Oil    Solar PV Video
Precautionary Principle    Green Building    Enviro Justice   
SF Green Business   Commuter Benefits   Event Calendar    Newsletter
Business Council on Climate Change

Kids & Teachers Art  Energy  Global Warming  Buildings  Teachers
SF PUC:    Solar: Go Solar    PV    Monitoring Stations
Wind: Wind Monitoring    Energy Efficiency
Clean Energy Clean Air    Renewable Power Generation

Mayor's Office: Building a Bright Future [28 pg pdf]    Education
Board of Supervisors   Clean Power SF
City Policies   Climate Action Plan    Strategic Plan
First City in U.S. to Certify Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Sunday Streets -- San Francisco
Apr 11&18, May 23, June 20, July 11, Aug 22, Sept 19, Oct 24
Creating a safe, fun, car-free place for people to get out and get
active in the neighborhoods -- while taking on global warming.

Fun, hands-on science with
Videos   Pictures   About

San Jose Go Green Schools
Teaching Green    Greening Your School
Conference    Case Studies

City of Berkeley / Ecology Center
Climate Change Action Project
•Calculate your personal carbon footprint;
•Create a measurable personal action plan to reduce your footprint;
•Become a climate change leader in your household and community;
•Tools and training to coordinate and facilitate your own action group.

City of Berkeley: Feature Page

Office of the Mayor      
Combating Climate Change
Energy & Sustainable Development
    Events    Partners    Berkeley Schools
UC Berkeley   Lawrence Hall of Science

One Million Trees L.A.
Providing long-term stewardship of one million trees planted where they’re needed most.
2008 Environmental Youth Conference - Get Your Green On

Los Angeles - Dec. 13, 2008

ABAG: Association of Bay Area Governments
Joint Policy Committee Regional Agencies Climate Protection Program
Joint Policy Committee Regional Agencies
Climate Protection Program Public Workshops
- responses from
the public including scans of hand-written idea cards. All email
received in 2007 from the public.
Link search taking you to lots of ABAG climate change pages.
Climate Change and The Bay Area Joint Policy Committee,
November 17, 2006 (28 page slideshow in pdf)
Climate Change Activities March 2008 (9 page pdf)
Grants, links to programs
Climate Action Resource List: many resources for local governments
to use - such as a list of the best providers of carbon offsets;
links to California gov't programs (4 page pdf)

Alameda County

Resolution by Board of Sup's on
Climate Change Leadership [Word]

Press Release [pdf]
So far...Santa Rita Jail Case Study[pdf]

Earth Day Events
U.S. & Planetwide

Organizations Dedicated to Working With the Cities --Playing a Major Role

(Local Gov'ts for Sustainability)

Cities for Climate Protection Program
Sustainable Cities Program
Member List(pdf)     Staff (Oakland)
Resources     Publication Catalog

Kyoto USA
U.S. Cities and Their Citizens
Working Together to Address Global Warming

HELIOS Project
Links Page    Events Page

Press Kit

Sea Level Awareness Project [website inactive]
Middle School Students take action, working with City.
Ventura, California
June 29, 2008: Installation of First Marker Poles
What 23 feet of sea level rise will do to this community and to California's Coast. Much of city submerged. Electrical power equipment destroyed. Sewage and water plants flooded

Transit Agencies

Leading City in Climate Change Education: San Francisco
What this community has accomplished, can also help YOU!

Cities and Counties are highlighted here which are demonstrating leadership in climate protection.
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions includes: energy efficiency and conservation programs; policies implemented in everything from transportation to building construction to vegetation to waste and recycling.
What are the favored choices in electricity, food, water and manufactured products in your communities?
This site especially highlights local governments that support the education of its citizens. Those that, directly or in partnership with educators, work for an informed public. Are kids and adults are getting the real facts, the science; do they understand the programs and policies being implemented?
Are they becoming actively involved in the solution process?
If your city or country has programs that should be listed here, but are not yet, please let us know.