California Climate Change & Energy:
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Programs & partnerships -- science & solutions, public education
Community Organizations Strong on California Science Education on Climate Change & Energy

Strongest on California Science Education on
Climate Change & Energy
Hands-on science demonstrations:
at museums, k 12 schools, events.
Science education resources.
Science Museum Docents, Educators.
Helping to build partnerships.
ClimateChangeEducation.Org welcomes, encourages others to help promote science education on climate change & energy in California. We are quite glad to work with you and be of assistance. We have been dedicated to this field for over 8 years, working with scores of organizations listed in this catalog -- and we are based in California.

Climate Crises Coalition
Who We Are
NGO Links Page
A coalition of scores of very effective organizations, working from many angles. ClimateChangeEducation.Org encourages the Climate Crisis Coalition to include partnerships with science educators an important component of its work.

Climate Protection Campaign (Sonoma County)
Cool Schools:  Brochure (pdf)    CoolAgents website
Climate Change 101
Work in Sonoma County in many ways has been the state leader. One of the first to work with local schools and educators.

      Cool the Earth      
Engaging kids and their families in climate change by motivating
them to take simple, measurable actions to conserve energy.
Collectively, these actions, and an increased awareness of energy,
will make a significant impact on global warming.
For K-8 students and their parents, families.

Conservation International
Climate Change Program    Science
Education and Outreach    Partners
CI has done fine work with local museums, such as the California Academy of Sciences

Earth Day Network
Climate Change Solutions Campaign
Educators Network
Earth Day Network is expanding a network of educators. We've worked with you on Earth Days for over a decade. Let's make great things happen here in California.

Ecology Center -- Berkeley
Eco Calendar    Library & Resource Center    Store
Enviro Ed Guide    Fact Sheets    Terrain for Schools
The True Costs of Petroleum
Library, Resource Center and Bookstore.

Ecology Center -- Climate Change Action Programs  
Supporting citizens with a variety of services geared to help
both prevent and prepare for rapid climate change

Primary audience is adult community members.
Eco House demo home and garden     Workshops   

Environmental Defense (ED)      Public Service Ads
Science    Dangers    Calculators     What You Can Do
Climate 411 (blog)    Climate & Air     For New York City
Mostly focused on public awareness advertising and public service announcements.

Focus the Nation
Very promising work: FtN encourages college professors, students, k12 schools all to develop and share solid science curriculum, education resources and experience. Not a "let's take things slow, I get paid by the hour" organization.

ICLEI (Local Gov'ts for Sustainability)

Cities for Climate Protection Program
Sustainable Cities Program
Member List(pdf)     Staff (Oakland)
Resources     Publication Catalog
ICLEI does do some science education, with government officials as the audience.

Featured New Program: National Center for Science Education
NCSE seeks candidates for Climate Change
Programs & Policy Director
Submit by August 15, 2011. Anticipated start date is mid-September
About NCSE:    FAQ    Video: NCSE and climate change
Examples of NCSE's work in evolution science education welcomes NCSE to the field of
climate change science education.
NCSE: the national leader
for decades in advancing evolution science education in US schools.

National Wildlife Federation (NWF)
Global Warming      California Fact Sheet (2 pg pdf)
Video: Tipping Point
Wildlife and Global Warming (IPCC)     Video
Gardner's Guide to Global Warming
NWF for Kids     Campus Ecology
NWF is showing interest in working with educators in California -- a welcome development.

Sierra Club
SF Bay Area Chapter  Local Searches:  Climate EduEnergy
Books    Magazine    Enviro Ed.
Energy:    Smart Energy Solutions    
Global Warming:   Web Pages    Fact Sheets    Maps
Most public work is in policy, however.
Education publications mainly directed toward SC membership.
The Sierra Club produces fine educational material with the intended audience primarily being its membership. As almost all the national environmental organizations, SC's main public work is focused on policy. Plans have been discussed for years for the Sierra Club in California to give assistance in the field of public education; essentially however, to date and to our knowledge, they haven't found themselves making that leap.

Solar Living Institute
Workshops   Internships   Earth Day Event for Kids    Solfest
Hopland, California
Long term commitment to education on solar energy.

Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI)
Behind the scenes developers of many of California's best funded
education resources on energy and climate change

Program examples:   Protect Your Climate Curriculum and Training
Alliance to Save Energy’s Green Campus Program  

   College and K12 Level    Train the Trainer

Union of Concerned Scientists -- California
Streaming Videos     Fact Sheets and Reports
Brochure: Assessing the Risks     En Espańol Tambien
National Site:    Green Web Game     Global Warming
The Union of Concerned Scientists produces wonderful materials for educators and the general public -- some of the best available. They are an exceedingly valuable resource. However, UCS's focus is on research and policy.

California benefits from its active citizenry -- witness the popular support for the scores of local and national non-profits, as those above. The majority of community organizations, however, continue to focus on public policy. Education programs are mostly directed to financial supporters or to policy makers.

Few have taken advantage of the opportunities this website highlights. Meanwhile, the kids and families in California are thirsting for quality education programs; and science education goes hungry for lack of support.

To non-profit people: Many of our best educational institutions will gladly partner with you, as long as your programs are based on sound science, the teaching material is accessible and engaging, and you respect that K 12 teachers are tightly regulated by federal government controls on what is to be taught
(e.g.through constant standardized testing).

Partnerships between business and government leaders are flourishing in the Golden State.
For California's leadership in climate protection and energy to be sustainable,
there must also be partnerships with our educational institutions -- producing outstanding education.
The kids and public are ready: they need involving science, to know real solutions facts from green sales hype.