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Climate Change,
Global Warming,
Ocean Acidification,
and ... Solutions
Debuts June 1, 2009
World Enviro Day

SFIFF & Climate Change Education. Org proudly present:
New Films on Climate Change

Age of Stupid [North American Premier]
May 3*,  4,  and 5*, 2009     [* = rush status]
A Sea Change [West Coast Debut]
April 25*, 27*, 30, 2009     [* = rush status]
Rush Status: Sold out, with small amount of tickets
held back, sold just before screening.
All screenings at the Sundance Kabuki Theater
1881 Post St.  at Fillmore,  San Francisco. Transit info below

Special Showings for Schools

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   The Age Of Stupid -- Starring Pete Postlethwaite
Held Sunday May 3.  Monday 3pm, May 4.   Tuesday 6:15pm May 5
North American Theater Premier

Sunday and Tuesday
Rush Status
[basically sold out]
We suggest focusing on
Monday tickets

Also Playing

Summer & Fall :


    The Age Of Stupid website:  Video Clips   Trailers   Synopsis   Science   Pete   
Being translated into 32 languages      Length: 89 min.

at the Festival

San Francisco

Mon, April 27 10:00AM
Battle for Terra

Wed, April 29 12:45pm


Mon, May 4 12:15pm
Age of Stupid

Schools at the Festival -- Since 1991
Educational outreach program creating a vital
connection between the annual
San Francisco International Film Festival

and the local educational community. Provides students
of all ages the opportunity to
participate in the Festival experience.
Tickets are offered at a subsidized rate
(just $2.50 per person) to all participating students &
teachers for selected screenings.
Tickets purchased exclusively through
Schools at the Festival office prior to Festival.

For more information on how you and your students can participate contact the Youth Education Program Manager:
Keith Zwolfer at 415-561-5040 (United States)
or write
[Delete "REMOVE" before sending]

A Sea Change -- Imagine a World Without Fish
Screenings held: Apr 25, 27, and 30
Film Description,
Showtimes and
Theater Location

U.S. West Coast debut
April 25, 27, 30

Length: 89 min.

Social Media Resources

Carbon emissions are injecting acid into our oceans What we do about this now affects the future of marine life for ever -- whales, otters, jellies, fish of every size, coral ... The whole web of life on Earth ... humans.
A motion picture who's story will inspire us all. You CAN make such a difference. See it in the social, theater experience.

Film's website

Post Screening Events
Age of Stupid
In theater Q&A discussion with film director, Franny Armstrong:
30 minutes following each screening ( 1 hour on Tue, May 5 ).

A Sea Change -- Saturday, April 25, after screening:
In theater Q&A with filmmakers Barbara Ettinger and Sven Huseby.
Followed by panel discussion with Ken Caldeira of Carnegie Institution and Stanford, Miyoko Sakashita of the Center for Biological Diversity, and Julia Rhee of Green for All.

SFIFF to be honored exhibit at the 2009 -- 6th Annual:

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Coming together to take on
Climate Change

Bringing the latest science to
California's public.
Conference Information
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Sacramento Convention Center
1 block from State Capitol

Film makers of feature films, shorts, or animations
Whether dramatic, documentary, humor... the world needs it all -- use the power of film!
Specifically those on Climate Change, Global Warming and related topics.
Plus, what we can do, solutions:
We highly encouraged you to submit your work
for consideration to appear in next year's, or future year's
San Francisco International Film Festival
If you are working on a film currently, we are happy to be of assistance
to connect you with the finest scientists, educators and artists
in California -- gracious people who would be splendid advisors
for a great film project related to these topics.
   Write us
ClimateChangeEducation.Org -- Since 1999

On-line Festival Ticket Sales
Tickets by phone: 925-866-9559, Daily 9:00 am–5:00 pm
For group discounts (15 or more) call Ben Friedland at
415-561-5020   or write:
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(We have no intention of helping spammers use this site to bother the Festival staff.)

Transit Info For All Screenings
Muni Lines:
38 Geary, 38L Geary Limited,
22 Fillmore, 2 Clement, 3 Jackson, 4 Sutter. $1.50 for adults
BART RIDERS: Embarcadero Station. Take 38/38L Geary bus
38/38L Geary is frequent, busiest routes in the Muni system
Bike parking -- racks in Japantown plaza.
For those still wedded to the automobile     :-(
Parking is available under theater.