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Bringing climate science to citizens of all ages

natural scientists.

Most adults keep up with science alongside kids--
homework, school projects, museum visits.

Shattuck Ave. display by Berkeley High School students

Strong support of policy, programs and climate leaders comes with strong science understanding

Teacher Training

The science isn't scary. But ignorance and failure to act on science is.

At Climate Change Fair:
Food choices have big effects on GH Gas emissions

City of Berkeley: Feature Page

The citizens and city of Berkeley, California are serious about wanting to cut their greenhouse gas emissions!
Serious, but cool science will be needed.
Kids, students, teachers -- can you help?
May 19th: City-Wide Kickoff Event

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Combating Climate Change

Mayor's Climate Change Page
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Briefing Book
Berkeley Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
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Office of the Mayor

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State of the City Address --2007
Address (pdf) --much on climate change

Energy & Sustainable Development

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Schools & Science Education

Berkeley Public Schools    Youth Zone
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University of California, Berkeley-- CA 94720
Lawrence Hall of Science -- city's science center


May 19th, 2007: Climate Action Kickoff
Berkeley Earth Day     Earth Week at Cal
Green Home Expo and Energy Symposium
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Kyoto USA
U.S. Cities and Their Citizens
Working Together to Address Global Warming

HELIOS Project (School Buildings) [Word doc]
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Sustainable Berkeley

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Community Energy Services Corp

Smart Lights
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Transport'n & Land Use Coalition

Regional Climate Change Strategy
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Ecology Center -- Berkeley
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The True Costs of Petroleum

Sierra Club
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Rising Sun Energy Center
Energy efficiency: direct implementation work in the community.
Weatherization for low income homes, Attic Insulation,
Energy Audits, Energy Awareness, Solar Power Installation
Vocational Training, Internships, Solar Education
California Youth Energy Services
Hands-on science demonstrations:
at museums, k 12 schools, events.
Science education resources.
Bringing together cities, schools, science centers, scientists, kids...

(Local Gov'ts for Sustainability)

Cities for Climate Protection Program
Sustainable Cities Program
Member List(pdf)     Staff (Oakland)
Resources     Publication Catalog

-- an Alameda Co. agency
Services for Schools -- $2 Million annually
Classroom Presentations     Teacher Training
Funding Links    May ' 07 Job Opening: Service Learming Ed.

Many More Partners Joining In


We encourage the City of Berkeley to include a strong science education component in its climate action plans, policies and programs. And,we encourage teachers, schools, science museums, parents and kids...
and UC Berkeley too... to join with the city, to support its leading, highly innovative work.
Further, we recommend that other cities and educational institutions study what Berkeley is doing:
Berkeley is providing wonderful examples: well worth following, joining with, and expanding upon.
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