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AAAS Conference -- San Francisco -- 2007
Climate Change Town Hall Meeting: Videos, Slideshows, Photos
Lawrence Hall of Science,, NCAR: Hands-on Science
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AAAS Video: Communicating and Learning About
Global Climate Change

2007 Town Hall Meeting
For Educators & Students
Videos & Slideshows

National Center for
Atmospheric Research

California Academy
of Sciences Booth

At AAAS Conference:
Family Science Days
Global Warm'g Discovery

Hands on Science Demonstrations. Kids, families given tools to be
AAAS scientists. Based on sound science. A fun, involving introduction to 30 years of global climate change research in 30 minutes.

             AAAS Town Hall Meeting on Global Climate Change
• Town Hall Presentations: Videos of all the speakers, plus their slideshows.
Wedge game (pdf)
An Abbreviated Guide for Teaching Climate Change by AAAS Project 2061

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Slideshow: PowerPoint
Dr. John P. Holdren, AAAS President; Director, Woods Hole Research Center;
Teresa and John Heinz Professor of Environmental Policy, Harvard University

Family Science Days: Stage show lead in to Town Hall Meeting by ClimateChangeEducaution.Org: Global Warming Discovery

Booths by Lawrence Hall of Science, National Center for Atmospheric Research, & ClimateChangeEducation.Org. Beyond performing hands on demos, invites guest organizations; providing an array of quality education resources.

Families, kids doing global climate change science. As they become involved, it becomes theirs. Worth remembering; acting on; supporting; sharing with others.

At large events like the AAAS Conference, ClimateChangeEducation.Org
provides thousands of people printed hand outs and educational material by:
Union of Concerned Scientists       Lawrence Hall of Science       NASA
PG&E Solar Schools and Energenius        California Energy Commission
California Academy of Sciences      Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Gary Braasch and UC Press      Berkeley Institute of the Environment      NOAA
Tech Museum of Innovation       California Science Teachers Association
Flex Your Power     NCAR     IPCC     AAAS / Science      ...and many more

To reduce greenhouse emissions, a business card also provides all the web links.

AAAS Conference -- Just Held, Februrary 2007Board's Statement

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