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Rainforest Action Network

Recycling, Reduce, Reuse and Rot Orgs (R4's)

Research Organizations / Institutes

Redefining Progress

Rising Sun Energy

Sierra Club

Solar Living Institute

Solar Richmond
Promotes and inspires solar power and energy efficiency to bring the economic benefits of the green economy to Richmond, Ca. Solar installation training - educating a new “green-collar” workforce and opening doors to employment for young people.
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Sonoma County Climate Protection Campaign


Sustainable World Coalition

Transportation Focused Programs

Union of Concerned Scientists

Water Focused Organizations

World Resources Institute

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

California benefits from its active citizenry -- witness the popular support for the scores of local and national non-profits, as those above. The majority of community organizations, however, continue to focus on public policy. Education programs are mostly directed to financial supporters or to policy makers.

Few have taken advantage of the opportunities this website highlights. Meanwhile, the kids and families in California are thirsting for quality education programs; and science education goes hungry for lack of support.

To non-profit people: Many of our best educational institutions will gladly partner with you, as long as your programs are based on sound science, the teaching material is accessible and engaging, and you respect that K 12 teachers are tightly regulated by federal government controls on what is to be taught
(e.g.through constant standardized testing).

Partnerships between business and government leaders are flourishing in the Golden State.
For California's leadership in climate protection and energy to be sustainable,
there must also be partnerships with our educational institutions -- producing outstanding education.
The kids and public are ready: they need involving science, to know real solutions facts from green sales hype.