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Stephen Schneider
UC Davis
UC Berkeley
Lawrence Berkeley Labs
Pacific Institute

 Stephen Schneider
interviewed on his role
in HBO Documentary
Too Hot Not to Handle

Biography & Interview
on Supreme Master TV
Length 13:06
Subtitles in
several languages

Plenary Session
American Society for
Environmental History

Science on a Sphere
Numerous locations
across U.S., including:
Tech Museum of Innovt'n
Lawrence Hall of Science

Dr. Schneider presents the
first museum spherecast

Schneider closes his
latest book,
while describing the
many things
we can do as
individuals about
climate change:
“But most important
for me, as
grandparent, parent
and teacher, is to
hum in your head
often the lines of the
Crosby, Stills
& Nash song:
‘Teach your
children well.’”

Stephen Schneider: for decades, the most courageous, valuable,
and dedicated advisor to climate science educators in the U.S.

Dr. Stephen H. Schneider's Website

Home Page
"Mediarology" -- Includes:
• The Science Advocate   • The Science Popularizer
• Environmental Literacy  • Responsible Reporting
• The Roles of Citizens, Journalists and Scientists

Science   Climate Impacts  Policy
Biography   Publications
Website References -- Extensive Bibliography

Examples of references available:
Dangers and Thesholds Slide Show (pdf)
Global Surface Temps Over the Last Two Millennia(pdf)

Honoring the Life and Work of Dr. Stephen Schneider
Eulogy in RealClimate.Org, with statement by Ben Santer
News articles reporting his passing: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Educators have lost an incredible friend in science.    
Climate Education Advisor   

Books & Publications

To all serious students and teachers of climate science:
you can not find a more essential, rewarding, and pleasurable assignment
than to study this book. Thrilling, right in the action. --

Science as a Contact Sport:
Inside the Battle to Save Earth?s Climate

By Dr. Stephen H. Schneider
The History Behind the Decades-long Struggle to
Bring Global Warming to World?s Attention
Press Release     Q&A with the author [5 pg pdf]
National Geographic Books
To order:   Amazon    Publisher

Dr. Schneider's Website:  Publications 
• Book: Climate Change Policy available online
Website References -- Extensive Bibliography
• Book: Laboratory Earth at Amazon

Upcoming and Most Recent: Education and Media

Commentary on motion picture:
The Age of Stupid, and it's publicity

National Teach-in / event -- Held Oct 2009
Article in Scientific American

Avoidable and unavoidable climate impacts:
EarthSky reviews his discussion of impacts
at the March 2009 Climate Summit in Washington

The Progressive: July 2009 Editor's weekly interview
(13 mb mp3 download)

California Climate Change Conference

Television, Film and Video

HBO documentary (2006) --Too Hot Not to Handle

NOVA Online (PBS)
NOVA/Frontline -- What's Up with the Weather?
• Video/discussion 2008: Climate Tipping Points
EcoCity 2008 Video Presentation: the basic issues for cities;
context; what we can do about it

Global Warming: Is the Science Settled Enough for Policy?

K-12: Curriculum and Resources

Global Systems Science -- High School Curriculum
Lawrence Hall of Science

Science Centers and Museums
   Lawrence Hall of Science -- NOAA -- Stephen Schneider   
Global Warming: Is the Science Settled Enough for Policy?
Original webcast April 1, 2009      Full Video 53:40

What's changed in 20 years?
The unequivocal facts.
What is the tipping point?

Viewable in 20 Segments

Conferences and Teacher Trainings

California Climate Change Conference

Bioforum on Climate Change -- 2005
   • California Academy of Sciences
   • Oakland Museum of California
   • California Science Teachers Association
   • With hands-on science demos for schools
      provided by

Climate Science and Impacts

Dr. Schneider's Website: Science  Impacts
  • Founder, editor, Climate Change Journal; available online.
   • Coordinating Lead Author in Working Group II
IPCC Third Assessment Report

• Book: Climate Change Policy available online

Policy, Testimony

Dr. Schneider's Website:   Policy
• Book: Climate Change Policy available online
• Senate testimony on climate change, 1997


New York Times Science:
Applying process analysis to climate change and to
treating his own cancer:
"I wasn't going to wait 15 years for researchers
to gather the data. I'd be dead by then."
(more in the Progressive interview) on skeptics, Obama, extreme events; predictions
Groks Science Radio Show: transcript and Podcast
National Geographic interview, July 2008: think tank at a
music festival; auto industry; cultural plight of the Inuit

Biographies on Dr. Schneider

Dr. Schneider's Website: Biography   
National Council for Science and Environment (scroll down)
Bio at  

Dr. Stephen H. Schneider
World Leading Climate Scientist -- Top Education Advisor

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