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Climate Change

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Schedule of Sessions at CSTA related to
Climate Change and Global Warming Solutions

[1 pg pdf]

Many more on-line resources be added after the conference:
Session presenters are encouraged to contact Climate Change Education.Org,
if you would like links to your program added to
California's catalog of education resources on climate change & global warming solutions.
Talk to us in person -- at Booth #716; or write us at this website.

Meet-up! Session presenters, speakers and exhibitors.
A chance to get together with colleagues, when you are not presenting.
In a more relaxed, informal setting. Form partnerships, plan for the year ahead.

Leaders on education on climate change
at the 2008 CSTA conference.
Two scheduled times:
Friday 3pm at Booth #716
Friday 7pm -- location to be announced.
Check by booth #716 for details.

California Science Teachers Association
Conference: Oct 30 - Nov. 2 -- San Jose [Official Website]

Speakers & Workshops: Full List

Saturday's Focus Speakers -- from the California Academy of Sciences: Carol Tang (8am) and Peter Roopnarine (1pm)

Largest Public Green Building
in the World

Major Exhibit on Climate Change:
Altered State
Education -- For Teachers
Activities about California Climate
Green Practices    Sustainable Design
Our old Feature Page on CAS

California Academy
of Sciences

Penguin Cams
Global Warming Hands-on Science Demonstrations: Provided by ClimateChangeEducation.Org, Since 2004 

Thursday October 30, 2008 1pm-2pm

Solar Schoolhouse

Tor Allen of Rahus Institute: session on teaching solar.
Thursday, October 30. 1pm-2pm.

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