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Annual Conference -- San Jose -- October 30-November 2, 2008
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Earth Under Fire
How Global Warming
Is Changing the World
Acorn Naturalists
Booth #302

Halloween Debut at
CSTA Conference:
Global Toast-Busters
Logo by volunteer
Matt Delbridge
Graphic Artist Major
Booth #716


Climate Change

Booth # 716

Climate Champs join
at Earth Day 2008,
for their first public appearance
Booth 522

Photos © 2007
Climate Change

AAAS Booth 115:
Family Science Days
Global Warm'g Discovery

Tech Museum
View from Space
Across the Street
and Table "W"

Birch Aquarium
Booth 716

Education and
Public Outreach Programs
from UC Davis

on Climate Change will be
represented at CSTA by leading grad student,
Danielle Groenen
Booth #716

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Listing of Booths at CSTA with programs related to
Climate Change and Global Warming Solutions

[1 pg pdf]

Booth #716 -- Dawn Publications. Host of collaborative climate change specialists booth.

How We Know What We Know
About Our Changing Climate:
Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming

New Book -- by Lynne Cherry and Gary Braasch
Order On-Line    Teacher Guide   Cover Photo

Authors' Website   

Booth #716 : ClimateChangeEducation.Org
K-12 Level Education Resources
Lesson Plans, Class Topics, Student Projects

Booth 115 -- AAAS / Science

More Events

2007 AAAS Conference
Events Held for Teachers,
Families, Kids, Students
Photos Videos

Climate Change Education Partners; Dawn Publications Hosts-- Booth #716

Global Warming Cartoonlets
Hippoworks Animation
A California Treasure        
DVD Coming this Fall -- To be Notified of Release

Booth 302: Acorn Naturalists

Acorn Naturalists
Resources to help advance environment-based
education and interpretation.

Weather, Climate, and Climate Change
Books, Teachers Guides, Videos

Booth 420 -- Conference Hosts

California Science Teachers Association
Conference: Oct 30 - Nov. 2 -- San Jose [Official Website]

Speakers & Workshops: Full List
Booth 310: National Parks Service <<<<<

Booth #522 -- Air Resources Board

California and UK Champions
About the Program
Meet the Champions
California Air Resources Board

Booth #703 -- RAFT

RAFT - Resource Area for Teaching
Ideas and hands-on activity kits
How RAFT Works

Non-Profit Table "JJ" California Energy Commission

Energy Quest
Energy Vampires      Energy Time Machine
Education Website by the
California Energy Commission

Booth #716
Global Warming Discovery --  Hands-On Science Demonstration
Do the Greenhouse Gas Giggle

Non-Profit Table "BB"

Curriculum for 4th and 5th Grades
Protect Your Climate -- 16 Lessons
Four Sections: Basics, Energy, Waste & Transportation
Developed by Bay Area Air Quality Managment District
Available for download on-line in full   (161 pg pdf)

Booth # 713: Cool the Earth

Cool the Earth
A ready-to-run program that educates K-8 students
and their families about global warming
and inspires them to take simple actions to reduce
their carbon emissions.

Non-Profit Table "Y"

San Jose Go Green Schools
Partnered with the Go Green Initiative,
an innovative, comprehensive environmental
program for K-12 schools.

Enivornmental Education Resources

Prentice Hall -- at 2006 Conference, Joseph Levine lead session packed with teachers.
Prentice Hall -- Biology -- Grades 9 & 10. Climate and Biology
Authors: Joseph S. Levine, Kenneth Miller.

Non-Profit Table "B" -- Creec
CREEC: California Regional Enviro. Education Community
Booth #202: Lego Education <<<<<

Booth #712 and #409 -- PG&E
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)

Booth #716

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Coming together to take on
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