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California Fires & Climate Change
Drought, Heat, Increased Lightning, Un-Healthy Air -- Fire
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2008 October LA Fires

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NASA Images
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2008 Summer Fires

Tragedy of Wildfires

2007 San Diego Fires
Images by NASA

Earth Under Fire
How Global Warming
Is Changing the World
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At AAAS Conference:
Family Science Days
Global Warm'g Discovery

Yosemite's meadows
to become prairies?

Tech Museum
View from Space

Birch Aquarium

New Academy

Satellite Images

California Fires -- NASA Satellite Images
Southern California: August 28 , 13 , 2009
May 8, 2009

California Wildfires: 2008 June 29, 27 25, 24, 23 .
July: 22, 15 , 11 , 09 , 02, Oct.: 13
500 Meter Resolution
250 Meter Resolution
GSFS MODIS Rapid Response Gallery
2007 San Diego Fires: October 23 (2km) , 23 (1km) , 22

California Fires and Climate Change -- Press
SF Chronicle -- Front Page article May 9, 2009 -- by Peter Fimrite:
Wildfires -- A recipe for Disaster
Drought, invasive weeds, warming put much of state at risk, experts say

Jesusita Fire likely a sign of things to come
SF Chonicle: Warming West is Ground Zero for Wildfires
60 Minutes: Climate Change and Mega-Fires (TV Video)
Lightning and Climate Change
Science Daily: Massive California Fires Consistent
With Climate Change, Experts Say

News, Maps, Alerts, Photos
Current/Recent Fire Incidents
Current Incidents (

Photos, Blog
Wildfire Map 08/29/09
Areas Burned first half of 2008 (pdf)
California Emergency Management Agency
California Emergency Management Agency: 2008 Fire Map
Air Quality: Heath Advisory (1 pg pdf)
Dept. Of Forestry Fire Page
News: When Lightning Brings Fire
Photos of Fires

Union of Concerned Scientists
Up in Flames

"By century's end, we may see as many as
55 percent more large wildfires
if we fail to make significant cuts in
global warming emissions."

Union of Concerned Scientists
Fact Sheet on California Wildfires and Climate Change
[1 page pdf]

Solutions: Taking on Global Warming

Education, Energy, Food Choices, Governments
Transportation, Green Buildings, Land Use, Water, Waste, Sustainability, ... More.

California and UK Champions
Fiery Confrontation: Blog Article by Annam
About the Program    Meet the Champions
California Air Resources Board

National Geographic Magazine
July 2008 : Under Fire -- Western US Fires

Related News, Photos
NASA and ARB to Examine Air Quality
Boston Globe: California Wildfire Photos (High Resolution)

Feeling the Heat -- Exhibit

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Special on California Fires and Climate Change
Drought, Heat, Winds, Increased Lighting -- Fires

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