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San Franciscans:
Contest held in 2007 to save energy and the planet.

Global Warming Discovery
Hands-on Science

Saving Mono Lake,

Photos © 2007
Climate Change
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Earth Hour -- Held March 29th, 2008 -- World Wildlife Fund
Make it happen in your town (pdf)   Cities so far   At School   Video -- About Earth Hour

Lights Out San Francisco    October 20th, 2007 Photos
Energy Conservation Event   Tips   Supporters   News   Blog

Lights Out Los Angeles     Lights Out Santa Barbara

physical FoLE
public event
on US
west coast.
Friends of Live Earth at the Exploratorium -- 7/7/07 images.
Live Web-Cast of Concerts; Inconvenient Truth Showing
Hundreds joined in hands-on science demo: Global Warming Discovery.
In partnership with ASTC's IGLO and ClimateChangeEducation.Org.

Friends of Live Earth California Events
Exploratorium -- San Francisco
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Splash Pad -- Oakland
Jillian's Video Cafe --Metreon, SF
Acterra -- Palo Alto
Listings of Many More Events Held

2007 AAAS Conference
Events Held for Teachers,
Families, Kids, Students
Photos Videos

Held November 16, 2008: Energy Autonomy
Dr. Hermann Scheer, Germany's Parliament Member
and the Solar/Wind Architect

2pm-4pm La Kretz Hall - UCLA Lecture by Dr. Scheer followed by Q&A
Tony Pereira, Moderator MAE MCL ISE - UCLA
Sponsor: Institute for Sustainable Engineering

Climate Action Events
Including Science Education & Earth Days

Last Held Nov. 3, 2007: National Day of Action

More Events Always at our local Science Centers and Museums

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